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The Voice That Shatters The World

Who is this young green activist, a Nobel Peace Prize favorite for 2020 ?

Since summer 2018, the Swedish teenager brought the world aware of global warming dangers, leading millions of people in her fight for a green revolution. What are the keys to her success? Who actually is Greta Thunberg?

How does she manage to overcome the love and hatred she induces, after the long depression that struck her when she was 13? Does the Asperger syndrome protect her? And who did help her raise as the leader of green activism? Is she a simple puppet in the hands of the green power?

For this thorough biography, journalist Maëlle Brun went to Stockholm to investigate. She met Greta’s closest relationships, her “worshippers”, and unveils the mystery of a girl turned into the symbol of the fight against global warming.

Maëlle Brun

Maëlle Brun is a journalist and has written for Elle, Grazia and Biba magazines. She is now (2018) head of the people department in Closer.
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