Mr. Bee and his Enemies




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Timm Koch


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Life and death of the bees

For over 100 million years bees shaped our life on earth, as they pollinate vast amounts of our plants. Without bees, there are no apples but the agro-chemical industrial complex wants this to change. They seek a future of robot-bees pollinating only for the few capable of paying the price. A disastrous vision that can only end one way: the biggest man-made ecocide to date. Timm Koch introduces us to the miraculous world of the bees, showing us that for now, the man-bee-symbiosis works. But the bee won’t be able to resist Bayer, Monsanto and co. with their ruthless plans to poison our lands forever. We arrived at a crucial point, and there is only one right way at this junction.

Timm Koch

Timm Koch studied philosophy at the FU Berlin and Humboldt University Berlin. He has indulged in the archaic arts of botanic cultivation from a young age. His wildlife expertise includes gathering wild fruits and fungi, hunting, fishing, and bee keeping. It is no wonder that the shackles of modern food production are not as tight for him and his family, as they are for the rest of us.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger