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Andreas Winter

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158 pages

How to train your brain for success

• Why success is not a result of effort, discipline and hard work

• Paperback edition of the successful guide

Question: How come small children learn highly complex skills such as walking and speaking very easily, while adults, for example, of ten find it difficult to learn a foreign language?

Answer: Because success is not a result of effort, discipline and hard work, but of what it means to a person on an emotional level. “No one will ever achieve success through effort!” Successful coach, graduate teacher and author Andreas Winter uses this provocative thesis to turn our traditional notion of studying and work- ing hard upside down. In an amusing and easy-to-understand way, he explains how some people without much schooling have mana- ged to become richer and more successful than their peers with a good university education.
Feelings of guilt, false beliefs and fears are what keep you from succeeding at what you study and do, while enthusiasm, passion and confidence are the “autopilots” for success and prosperity. Read this guidebook to learn how to set your autopilot on destination.

Andreas Winter

He holds a degree in education and works as a psychological consultant. As head of one of Germany’s largest coaching institutes, he has been improving the quality of life of people from all over the world for more than two decades through quick and unconventional conflict resolutions. His mesmerizing lectures and books have meanwhile reached cult status.
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Agence Schweiger