Psychosomatics is the Way we All Work




Matthias Ennenbach

Windpferd Verlag

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Paperback, softcover
112 pages
12.0 x 19.0 cm

Dr. Matthias Ennenbach has developed a generally valid explanatory model from countless patient interviews that takes psychosomatics out of the “psycho corner”.

The relieving message: Every human being functions psychosomatically! There are neither purely physical
nor purely psychological-nervous illnesses, but always
an interplay of both. And this can be illustrated vividly. Anyone who understands how the inner motor is structured, how the nervous and immune systems, body tension, feelings and memories interact, can improve self-control with small exercises and bring body and soul into balance.

Matthias Ennenbach

Dr. Matthias Ennenbach holds a degree in psychology, a doctorate in medicine and is a licensed psy- chotherapist. He has been active in clinical and counselling contexts for over 25 years, including as a guest speaker at universities, seminar leader and trainer for therapists and mindfulness trainers. He is the author of numerous specialist books and the founder of Mindful Self Direction (ASST®) and Buddhist Psychotherapy (BPT®).
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger