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Thread stitching
14.5 x 18 cm
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Naturally fresh

The desire for a fragrant body has always been part of human history. The Egyptians already covered the odour of the body with all kinds of fragrant essences. Since recent years, however, the health risks of industrially produced deodorants is the subject of public discussion. As a healthy alternative, home-made deodorants with exclusively natural ingredients are increasingly coming into the limelight. Myriam Veit, an expert in natural cosmetics, has created a series of fragrant deodorant sprays, roll-ons and deodorant creams that contain only natural components and bring a healthy freshness to everyday life.

Myriam Veit

For more than 23 years, Myriam Veit has been working in her small but fine manufactory Naowa "naturally pure with heart and hand". In addition to fragrance and cosmetic products, you can also get high-quality raw materials here. Naowa is a place of lively exchange: seminars on the production of natural cosmetics, herbal year groups, herbal walks, incense and aromatherapy, but also women's health topics and children's courses. Wild and raw food, energy work, free meditation evenings, systemic constellations and various Energetic and Detox Yoga courses (e.g. in January on La Palma). In addition to the Energetic Clearing treatment, there are Ayurvedic treatments, allergy and pregnancy massages and much more.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger