Magic Fermentation



Geru Pulsinger

Marcel Kruse


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Approx. 250 pages

Ferment until the glasses overflow. 100 recipes: for vegetables, fruit, sourdough, yoghurt, miso and kombucha

– Dive with your vegetables, get sweet and sour with vinegar and kefir, compete with Nattō and Tempeh. With these 100 recipes you will discover completely new worlds of taste and learn everything about how to become a real fermenter: chop, knead, sink and bubble!

– Everything you ferment is probiotic and easily digestible – in other words: incredibly healthy. This fits into every menu and for every level of skill: start right away with the basics and ferment yourself into sizzling spheres.

– Fermenting is addictive: once you start, you’re always finding new ingredients for the next experiment. Fermented gooseberries? Sure! Tomatoes in honey? Just keep them coming!

It bubbles and hisses, tingles and gurgles, shines in all the colors of the world and will take you on a legendary journey of taste. What is going on here? It’s obvious: Ferment, baby! Send your vegetables to the diving station, cultivate your own bacterial cultures – and create incredible dishes and drinks that not only taste unique, but are also really good for you with their vitamin-rich and probiotic ingredients. Here you will find detailed instructions for the different techniques: from herb and brine techniques to homemade vinegar, from yoghurt culture to water kefir. You will learn how to snip, knead, sieve, squeeze, mix and store properly. In 100 recipes you will learn about the concentrated variety of tastes of fermentation. With the tips of the fermentation ninjas Geru Puslinger and Marcel Kruse you will dive into the fermentation universe step by step. They have tons of tricks and secrets to help you become a fermenting vegetable whisperer. Did you know? Whoever ferments does something good for himself and the environment: without effort, waste of energy or garbage. Fermentation happens almost automatically – you just have to be patient until your new favorite dishes see the light of day. Until then, it’s just a matter of waiting and drinking Kombucha.

It all started with the intention to create the best Kimchi in the world. Since then Marcel Kruse’s heart beats for everything that ferments. When he’s not taking food photos or tracking down exotic ferments while traveling, the trained event manager from Berlin shares his knowledge with his co-author at workshops.

Since Geru Pulsinger discovered his love for fermenting, hundreds of preserving jars populate his apartment – some of them for years. The restaurateur and Zen therapist took it via Zurich to Berlin – where he ran a small fermentation restaurant with Marcel Kruse for several years before he moved back to Graz.

Geru Pulsinger

Since Geru Pulsinger discovered his love for fermentation, hundreds of preserving jars have been populating his flat - some of them for years. Together with Marcel Kruse, the Zen therapist gave fermentation crazies from Berlin a new home with their small restaurant before he moved back to Graz.

Marcel Kruse

Once Kimchi, always Kimchi: Marcel Kruse's heart beats for everything that ferments. When he's not taking food photos or tracking down exotic ferments while travelling, the trained event manager from Berlin passes on his knowledge together with his co-author in workshops.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger