If the toilet is the only refuge in the workplace



Konstanze Wortmann

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We spend a large part of our lives in the workplace, and very often we experience arguments, conflicts and defeats. But how do we manage to preserve our power when everything just seems to cost so much energy? Apparently, it is difficult to change the way we work and the conditions under which we are working. So how can we maintain our serenity and joie de vivre? And if things become so bad that we only want to escape: Where is our refuge? In many companies, the toilet is the only available place.

But there are also empowering techniques which help us to cope better with challenging situations. The author describes how and where to use them. They are simple, they don’t take much time and they are even fun!

Konstanze Wortmann

Konstanze Wortmann is a psychotherapist who is working in companies and organizations to empower employees.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger