How to Successfully Implement Good Resolutions



Kira Klenke


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152 pages

Finding your individual path to success! Taking more time for friends, finally losing weight, living more environmentally conscious, doing yoga every day: We like to make good resolutions, especially for the New Year or occasions of upheaval in life. But 80 percent of them are regularly thrown overboard after a few weeks. No wonder, since the goals often correspond to the wishes of someone else: our family doctor, our partner, or our boss … It makes a huge difference if wishes are of our heart. Kira Klenke shows us how we can formulate our plans constructively and convert annoying self-discipline into gratifying growth opportunities. Numerous self-coaching tools, proven motivational aids, mental techniques from brain research – and a »fast lane« through the book for those in a hurry – ensure that we will soon be able to say out proudly: »This time I really did it!«

Kira Klenke

Do you suspect (perhaps for a long time) that what you experience and live cannot be all (was)? (Trust) your perception and inner truth. I show people how to hear their inner voice and follow it authentically. To express powerfully what is within them. There is so much more to each of us than we realise. And it is reassuring to know that the great supreme order underlying all life supports and protects all authentic self-expression. Because the world urgently needs more people who follow their hearts freely, with courage and enthusiasm. In my books you will find unique tools, how you can easily find the diamonds in you with the help of your intuition and polish them to high brilliance.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger