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Jürgen Tautz

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192 pages with 173 colour illustrations

Mysterious forest dwellers

The wild honey bee in sensational photos and detailed texts on the latest scientific findings

Latest findings on the wild honey bee, which could give new impulses to classical beekeeping

The bee is in the public interest as never before. However, wild honeybees are almost unknown in their ancestral habitat, the forest, where they live more resiliently than colonies kept by beekeepers. For this bee book, the award-winning nature photographer Ingo Arndt was able to document the life of these bees in sensational pictures for the first time. Germany’s most renowned bee researcher, Jürgen Tautz, has compiled the hitherto largely unknown scientific findings on wild honey bees in a comprehensible and easily accessible way for this illustrated book. Whether you are a bee conservationist, nature lover, layman or professional – with this bee book you will dive into the mysterious and fascinating world of wild honey bees.

The honey bee as a wild animal

About one million bee colonies in Germany are mostly kept by hobby beekeepers. But in our forests, honey bees live almost unnoticed, completely outside of human influence. These wild honey bees have adapted ideally to their habitat: They are more robust against attackers, react more adaptably to environmental fluctuations and use pests more for their ecosystem than they harm it. The wild honeybee is therefore generally healthier and less stressed than the farmed honeybee. Ingo Arndt and Jürgen Tautz give insight into a hidden and unknown world in this exciting bee reference book and document for the first time photographically the original way of life of the honey bee as a forest dweller.

Detailed insights into a bee colony as you have certainly never seen it before

Ingo Arndt shows with his spectacular photographs the honey bee as it has never been seen before. Breathtaking pictures from the inside of a woodpecker cave populated by the swarm of bees show the behaviour of these fascinating insects and their perfectly coordinated coexistence in the beehive down to the smallest detail. The combination of photographs, graphics and informative texts conveys the groundbreaking findings of bee research in an entertaining and accessible way.

A book full of exciting, new findings and impressive photographs that shows us the honey bee in a completely new way!



Ingo Arndt

Ingo Arndt has ranked among the outstanding nature photographers for many years. His photos regularly appear in magazines such as GEO, stern, National Geographic or BBC Wildlife. He has published twelve books to date and received numerous awards, including the World Press Photo Award as well as the German Award for Scientific Photography. Over and above this, he has also received the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award and been selected as the European Nature Photographer of the Year several times over.

Jürgen Tautz

Jürgen Tautz is behaviour scientist and does research on bees. He teaches at the Julius- Maximilians-University at Würzburg and received the Communicator price in 2012.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger