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Bernd Römmelt

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Hardcover with jacket
224 pages
Colour images: 230


Bernd Römmelt captures the magic of the mountains, showing the Alps and their ancient, living cultures as they have never been portrayed before. People wearing archaic masks and wild costumes, the landscape of the Alps through the changing seasons, by day and by night, when an unbelievable calm descends over the mountains spectacoulus images never seen before. Some of the images were taken during violent thunderstorms, crystal-clear mountain lakes, flower-strewn meadows, rugged gorges and raging waterfalls. However, the book also draws attention to the threat represented by tourism and the overexploitation of the Alps. These fascinating pictures bear witness to the beauty of the mountains and illustrate why so many people are drawn to this magnificent natural and cultural landscape!

Bernd Römmelt

Bernd Römmelt was born in Munich in 1968. Since 2001, he has worked as a freelance photographer and travel journalist. The Alps are a focal point of his work. A well- known author, he has published 22 photographic volumes to date. Some of his pictures have won awards in the world’s most important and prestigious nature photography competition, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger