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Ingo Arndt

Jürgen Tautz

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Hardcover with jacket
256 pages
Colour illustrations: 200


Grass is a plant familiar to us all, yet the beauty of individual grasses and the seemingly endless grasslands to be found all over our planet go largely unnoticed. For more than two years, Ingo Arndt travelled the world, photographing temperate, tropical and wet grasslands and their inhabitants. His travels took him to such far-away places as the prairies and the Everglades of North America, the South American pampa, China’s largest bamboo forest, the Mongolian steppes, the African savannah, the Tibet plateau and the world’s largest reed- beds, in Romania. His landscape photos are supplemented by selected detail shots of the various types of grass. By reducing them to the quintessential, Ingo Arndt reveals the fundamental beauty of these seemingly inconspicuous plants.

Ingo Arndt

Ingo Arndt has ranked among the outstanding nature photographers for many years. His photos regularly appear in magazines such as GEO, stern, National Geographic or BBC Wildlife. He has published twelve books to date and received numerous awards, including the World Press Photo Award as well as the German Award for Scientific Photography. Over and above this, he has also received the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award and been selected as the European Nature Photographer of the Year several times over.

Jürgen Tautz

Jürgen Tautz is behaviour scientist and does research on bees. He teaches at the Julius- Maximilians-University at Würzburg and received the Communicator price in 2012.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger