The passion of the ocean


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Uli Kunz

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20.5 x 25.5 cm
240 pages
220 colour illustrations


Unique insights into the beauty of the underwater world

Life begins under the surface: Uli Kunz works as a marine biologist and research diver – always driven by an insatiable curiosity to discover the mysteries of the ocean depths. And from the ocean, the largest natural habitat on our planet, Uli Kunz fishes fascinating pictures and stories of curious seals, pulsating jellyfish or rippling swarms of fish. With him, we discover an unknown world which, though it often seems wild and harsh, is actually a fragile ecosystem that needs to explored with care and is worthy of our protection. This unique non-fiction photographic work reveals the beau- ty of the oceans and the threat faced by this fascinating and mysterious world.


Unique insights into the underwater world: Uli Kunz shows us the beauty of a hidden realm

Science, research and adventure, excitingly packaged and presented

Uli Kunz

Uli Kunz, born in 1975, obtained his first diving certificate as a teenager and discovered his love of the sea. He studied marine science and oceanography in Kiel. Together with four friends, he founded the research diving group Submaris and has taken part in scientific expeditions around the globe. He works for organisations such as Greenpeace, examines stone reefs and marine algae in the North and Baltic Sea, explores extensive cave systems and takes photographs beneath the ice of the Arctic. His camera bears witness to the threatening changes taking place in our oceans and documents the overfishing of the seas and the destructive effects of climate change. Whether he is presenting the TV programme Terra X on German channel ZDF, descending to the depths of a glacier on Spitzbergen, diving in submerged caves on the Bahamas, photographing singing humpback whales in the Pacific, he allows the viewer to experience first-hand his passion for the underwater world.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger