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Stefan König

Uli Wiesmeier

Knesebeck Verlag

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Printed linen
328 pages
250 colour illustrations


Uli Wiesmeier, an internationally recognised and highly renowned commercial and mountain photographer, is presenting mountain worlds as we have never seen them before: He chose 16 mountain related nouns – such as mountain railway, mountain guide, or mountain view – and did photographical interpretations of them. Whereas the portraits of mountain rescuer and mountain farmer are expressing the author’s admiration and respect for these hard and dangerous jobs, others, as for example mountaineering, are examined more critically and also show the dangers of mass tourism towards this fragile eco system. With its incredibly powerful photos this book provides an authentic and unpretentious view of the mountains!

Stefan König

Stefan König, born 1959, is a journalist, filmmaker and writer, whose work deals mostly with mountain topics. Besides several non-fiction books he published five exciting crime thrillers set in the Alps. He is a great connoisseur of the mountains as well as of Alpine culture.

Uli Wiesmeier

Uli Wiesmeier, born 1959, found his way to photography in the mountains, his hometurf and favorite playground. He began with photography at age 15 and became a full time photographer in 1980. In recent years he has augmented his work in sports, outdoor and action themes with fashion, lifestyle and people photography. His pictures can be found in magazines, books, advertising and on billboards worldwide. Mountain ... is the most important photography project of his career. Find him on
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger