Grow an Organic Garden inside your Home


Garden & Nature

Léon-Hugo Bonte

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432 pages
17 x 24 cm
300 illustrations

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This book describes clearly and precisely the full array of methods that can be implemented to grow a garden in any room of your house.

Here, the author provides the keys to the indoor growing of often little- known plant species with nutritious, aromatic, or medicinal benefits, as well as spirulina and even fish.

This manual, which also features simple and delicious recipes, will enable you to grow healthy crops all year round, in harmony between humans, the plant kingdom, and the cosmos.

This practical guide shows how to develop genuine companionship with plants, economically produce foodstuffs bursting with life and energy in your own home, and enjoy the pleasure of observing nature at work.

Includes 44 plant descriptions and a panoramic chart of the corresponding growing options.

Léon-Hugo Bonte

Léon-Hugo Bonte is a hydroponics pioneer and the author of Create and Maintain your Vertical Garden [Réaliser et entretenir son mur végétal]. In this book, he shares over 20 years of experience in indoor gardening and introducing plants into homes.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger