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Lucile Gomez

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This book is useless because it explains what women already know! But they don’t know they know it. Their conscious and intelligent brain – their overdeveloped human neocortex – is filled with fears that go back centuries, and this has forced them to accept the over-medicalization of childbirth. Considered to be the “weaker sex,” they have come to believe that giving birth is necessarily painful, dangerous, and violent… and that they can’t do it without doctors.

But all of this exterior intervention has eventually inhibited the reptilian brain – the part of the human brain that has known exactly what to do for thousands of years.

This book explains the physiology of birth. It sheds light on what happens when women give birth without fear and interference.

Restoring to women the intimate knowledge of the way their body works is to re-empower them. It returns our power to us – the power to feel strong and capable of giving life.

Come to think of it, my neocortex is telling me that perhaps this book isn’t so useless after all.

Lucile Gomez

Lucile Gomez has been publishing comics since 2006. In 2013, Lucile became pregnant with her first child. After working with a midwife to prepare a birthing plan in keeping with her physiology, she gave birth smoothly and without medical intervention. Shocked to discover how ill-informed her friends were, she decided to share her knowledge on her blog. It was an immediate hit, and Lucile realized that pregnant women want and need a different approach to pregnancy and birth. And that’s how this book came into being.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger