Female Shamans


New Age / Esoterics

Audrey Fella

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Initiatory Encounters

An enlightening journey to the heart of female shamanism in the West today. The author of numerous works on women and the sacred, Audrey Fella set out to explore female shamanism in order to discover what sets it apart. Immersed in this intimate and personal adventure, she met six remarkable women who framed her investigation. A shamanic journey, a course in sacred song, a sand painting workshop, a rose diet, and other rituals led her on a path of transformation, making her feel as though she was giving birth to herself. She glimpsed a new way of being in the world, and she invites each one of us to discover our deeper selves in order to more harmoniously connect with others and Mother Earth. Psychotherapists, artists, and teachers, Maud Séjournant, Claire Barré, Lorenza Garcia, Myriam Beaugendre, Brigitte Pietrzak, and Sandra Ingerman were initiated by the spirits of nature through shamanic practices from various traditions: American Indian, Amazonian, and Mongolian. In the process, they acquired living knowledge about healing and guiding others. Here they share their teachings and wisdom with us.

Audrey Fella

A historian by training, Audrey Fella is an essayist and journalist. Her work focuses primarily on the various expressions of female spirituality and the ways in which this spirituality can contribute to the quest for meaning of her contemporaries, both men and women.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger