Dare to Be



Marie-Pierre Dillenseger

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78 040 words
348 pages
25 illustrations
14 x 22 cm

12 keys to being oneself

A timeless and singular approach to reaching one’s full potential in different domains. Knowing how to be yourself in the midst of an increasingly pressing world is essential to preserving your energy. This book presents twelve keys to doing just that by identifying the pitfalls that distance us from ourselves, thereby enabling us to get back to our personal path. Combining ancient wisdom and contemporary pragmatism, the author delicately identifies the situations and beliefs that, like smokescreens, upset the mind and weaken the body. Each of the twelve chapters acts as an antidote for a particular situation of discomfort or concern, offering up concrete solutions and life-saving courses of action. Through this book, the author restores our awareness of our individuality, a necessary condition for vitality and longevity.

Marie-Pierre Dillenseger

A writer and lecturer, Marie-Pierre Dillenseger is a practitioner of the Chinese arts dedicated to forces of Time and Space. She has developed an approach based on the economy of individual energies and the reinforcement of the vitality of the people, projects, and businesses she works alongside. These tools work wonders in situations related to daily life, as well as helping with procreation or clarifying karmic and ancestral ties.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger