From Shadows to Light


New Age / Esoterics

François Demange

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208 pages
14 x 22 cm

From the middle-class districts of Paris to the Brazilian favelas, from the suburbs of Medellin to the Amazon jungle, and the Peruvian mountains to the North American plains, François Demange tells the amazing story of his personal and spiritual evolution.

As a young traveler, he wanders throughout the Orient in search of powerful experiences with nature and psychotropic plants. François then returns to Paris and becomes a heroin addict. He immigrates to Colombia, where he falls into a downward spiral of cocaine abuse and survives an extreme overdose. His quest for personal healing – and the healing of others – leads him to the teachings of shamans from various cultures, extraordinary experiences, and an ever-intensifying life. A captivating story.

François Demange

François Demange, alias Metsa, the name given him by the Shipibo people of the Amazon, or Medicine Bear, as the Lakota Indians call him, is a healer recognized by his peers in various Native American cultures. He lives in the United States, where he teaches the practices he has learned throughout his life.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger