The secret languages of animals


New Age / Esoterics

Elisa S. Suter

Language of origin

German manuscript

Animals are much more sensitive and intelligent than we think, and the different species speak all their own “languages”.

The author describes spectacular examples of how she spoke with dogs, cats, horses, birds and other animals, even insects.

We find out

○ How animals communicate with each other

○ In which way a human can get into communication with animals

○ How you can talk with dogs

○ What is the secret of the cat-language

○ What owners of zoos seldom know

○ What happens again and again in circus-departments

○ What unbelievable stories exist about human communications with rabbits, birds and hamsters

○ How you can be a horse-whisperer

○ How to talk with elephants and apes

○ Which false “programs” you have to give up before you can go into communication with animals

○ In which way the behavior of humans influences the reality of animals

○ What is the true difference between humans and animals

○ What is the real power of humans

○ How you can expand your leadership qualities with animals

○ What diseases of your animals have to do with you, the owner, and how you can get rid of them

○ What telepathic talentsdo exist

○ Which five stages you have to go so that you can telepathically communicate with animals

Elisa S. Suter

Elisa S. Suter, born and residing in Switzerland, first trained as a primary school teacher and taught numerous students of all ages, before she became more involved with the animal world, which had been her particular interest since early childhood. When she fulfilled her own "dream of the dog", she got to know the whole range of the "dog scene", in different European countries, in the USA and Australia. In 2016, she founded her dog school and consulting firm, which immediately became a "secret tip" because of her extraordinary coaching achievements and a completely new method. Besides, the author did countless experiments with other animal-species.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger