The Heart of the Great Mother


New Age / Esoterics


Christine R. Page

Bear & Company

Inner Traditions

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240 pages
6 x 9
48 black-and-white illustrations


Spiritual Initiation, Creativity, and Rebirth

Reveals sacred spiritual tools to connect with the love, passion, and creative powers of the Great Mother for spiritual transformation

  • Explores the three faces of the Great Mother’s love and wisdom in our lives and how to build our magician’s wand, which enables us to be masters of our creativity
  • Details the journey of the soul through the twelve signs of the zodiac to integrate the shadow self and embody the soul’s true light
  • Explains how we are being called to birth a new world, one that embraces the divine feminine qualities of intuition, emotional creative power, and rhythmic renewal

The year 2012 marked the birth of a new cycle of time that will last for the next 26,000 years. In charge of such birth is the Great Mother, the eternal source of all creation. She is calling on the feminine within us all to create a world worthy of the next seven generations and begin an era of peace, abundance, and spiritual evolution. To birth this new world, we must release our hold on old destructive patterns and instead embrace the divine feminine qualities of intuition, powerful creativity, and rhythmic renewal.

As Christine Page reveals, the Great Mother hears our heart’s yearning to escape our old ways of suffering and struggle to find peace, fulfillment, and joy. She is reaching out to us across the dimensions, offering spiritual initiation and the chance to know ourselves fully right now. Dr. Page explains how important it is to acknowledge and integrate our shadow selves the unloved parts of us so we can radiate our light from the fullness of who we are without shame or judgment. Drawing on alchemy and mythology, the author details the journey of the soul through the twelve signs of the zodiac until our inner light shines. She also explores how to connect with and use sacred spiritual tools to open our hearts and merge with the Great Mother’s love and creative powers.

Exploring the mythology of the Triple Goddess, the author explains how the three faces of the Great Mother help us on our spiritual journey of transformation: As virgin she inspires us to manifest our dreams. As mother, she teaches us to celebrate and nurture all living things, especially ourselves. As crone, she shows us that creativity changes like the seasons, encouraging us not to be possessed by our creations but to embrace mystery and impermanence. Finally, the Great Mother emboldens us to build our magician’s wand, the rod of light along the spine which enables us to be masters of our creativity, bringing forth transformation for ourselves and generations of children still to come as we embark into a new era of expanded consciousness and love.

Christine R. Page

Known as a mystical physician, Christine R. Page, M.D., has been a pioneer in the fields of spiritual wisdom and holistic health care for over 40 years. She offers individual soul readings, astrology workshops, sacred journeys, and retreats for women, empowering them to embody the gifts of the Great Mother. Author of 8 books, including The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman, she lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
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