Floral cooking



Ursel Bühring


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124 pages
83 colour photographs


Gather and enjoy beautiful edible flowers – more than 70 recipes with daisies, roses and more

Whether as an eye-catching addition to a salad or as an enchanting cake decoration, edible flowers not only transform every dish into a festival of colour, but taste great too. This book will take you on a culinary journey through the world of edible flowers. Before you bring the entire wealth of floral diversity to the plate, find out about the flowering plants in brief profiles, including their healthy ingredients and the right time to harvest them. In more than 70 wonderfully delicious recipes, Ursel Bühring shows you what special flavours are lurking in these edible beauties – from dandelion pesto and a mallow dish with three main ingredients to a lavender sorbet. A delight for all the senses!

Ursel Bühring

Ursel Bühring is an alternative practitioner specialising in phytotherapy, a nurse, and a nature and environmental educator. She is the founder of the Freiburg School of Medicinal Plants and a much sought-after author and speaker on phytotherapy.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger