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Barbara Fischer

Michael Preschitz


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Everything about our most complex sense organ explained simply

The eye is one of the most important organs for perceiving the environment. Complex and fascinating processes in our head make it possible for us to see. At the same time, everyone is confronted with the issue of eye health in the course of their lives. While some children are already squinting in their first years of life, up to half of the children are already short-sighted by the time they reach school age. The number has risen steadily in recent years due to too short a distance when reading (especially on smartphones). Later, everyone becomes presbyopic and sooner or later develops a cataract as part of the normal ageing process.

This book explains and illustrates the structure and functions of the eye and describes diseases in the eye such as astigmatism. Frequently asked questions such as “What are diopters?”, “Why does everyone become presbyopic?” or “Glasses, lenses or laser?” are answered by the ophthalmologists. In addition to the latest research findings, therapy options for the most common eye diseases and the influence of general diseases such as high blood pressure or sugar, “curious” stories from everyday ophthalmological life will lighten up the technical content.

Accompanying illustrations, both classical medical and metaphorical, complement and illustrate the text.

Barbara Fischer

Dr. med. univ. Barbara Fischer was born in Merano in South Tyrol, Italy, and studied human medicine at the Medical University of Vienna. After her licence to practise medicine at the University of Bologna, she completed her specialist training in Switzerland and studied scientific illustration at the Zurich University of the Arts. She currently works as a doctor and freelance medical illustrator in Merano. Her passion is to translate complex medical content and processes into simple, clearly understandable images to support learning processes or information for patients.

Michael Preschitz

Dr. med. univ. Michael Preschitz was born and raised in Vienna, Austria. He also studied human medicine there at the Medical University of Vienna before completing his training as an ophthalmology specialist at the University Clinic in Basel, at the Pallas Clinic in Zurich and at Merano Hospital. Dr Preschitz completed his ophthalmological specialisation with the European Specialist Board Examination (FEBO) in Paris. He then worked as head of the retina consultation at the Ophthalmology Centre Zurich. He has been running his own ophthalmology practice in Merano since 2020.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger