Fascia Yoga



Sports and Martial Arts

Lucia Nirmala Schmidt


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Pages: 152

Healthy and vital through elastic connective tissue

The exercise programme with DVD for more mobility and performance. They support the body, enveloping muscles, organs and bones. An increasing number of studies show the important role played by the fasciae, the muscular connective tissue. The more supple they are, the better the body’s perception and coordination. However, they stick together when there is pain and stress also increases the tension in the fasciae. In the long run, this leads to a loss of elasticity, stiffness and hardening. In this book, yoga teacher and fascia expert Lucia Nirmala Schmidt explains everything worth knowing about the subject and presents a gentle but effective exercise programme for stretching and stimulating the connective tissue – for health and an all-round good body feeling.

Lucia Nirmala Schmidt

Lucia (Luna) Schmidt is one of the pioneers of modern yoga in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. She owes her fame to her unique talent to pass on the essence of the timeless yoga teachings in a contemporary, everyday and understandable language and to convey it as the "Art of Living" to people with a western lifestyle. One of her tasks and gifts is to remind us with lightness, humour and depth of this knowledge that we all carry within us and to enliven it.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger