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Pauline Wills

Findhorn Press

Inner Traditions

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160 pages
7 x 9
Paper with French flaps
Full-color throughout


Awaken Chakra Energies through the Triangles of Light

Move into a fifth-dimensional way of living by engaging the energy lines between the chakras that form energetic triangles of light

  • Includes illustrated, step-by-step instructions for yoga asanas with explanations of the triangles of light created by each as well as their specific health benefits
  • Explains how the triangles of light energize the body, wake up our cells, and connect us to our own inner light
  • Introduces the 10 major and 21 minor chakras that form the triangles of light

We are all beings of light. Our bodies are pervaded and rejuvenated by energy lines between our major and minor chakras. When we practice yoga asanas (postures), these energy lines create triangles of light that connect us to universal light and energy. Focusing on them and feeling them during yoga practice can raise our vibrational frequency and help us move toward yoga’s eighth step the state of enlightenment.

Drawing on yoga’s original teachings, Yoga of Light reveals how to awaken and energize the chakra triangles of light with the practice of asanas, breathing, visualization, and meditation. Exploring the universal web of light and our place within it, as well as the body’s electromagnetic field, or aura, yoga expert Pauline Wills provides a concise introduction to the ten major and twenty-one minor chakras instrumental in forming the yoga triangles of light. You will discover how visualizing and, eventually, feeling these triangles as you practice the postures energizes the body, allowing you to connect to your own inner light. This wakes up all cells in the body and imbues them with increased energy. The triangles also firmly connect us to the sacred geometry of the universe, aligning us with the greater cosmos.

The author includes an illustrated, step-by-step guide to the asanas, detailing how to perform them correctly, and clearly explains and depicts the triangles of light formed within each posture and their specific health benefits. She also includes a series of exercises and breathing techniques to affect and increase control of prana, the life force within the body, as well as simple exercises, warm-up movements, meditations, and visualizations to help familiarize yourself with the major chakras instrumental in forming the triangles of light.

Yoga of Light reveals how, by working with the triangles of light, we can each become more aware of our connection to the web of light and the greater universe. This book, for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, shows how anyone can increase the benefits of their yoga practice by engaging and energizing the triangles of light.

Pauline Wills

Pauline Wills is one of the world’s leading yoga instructors, as well as a reflexologist and color practitioner. She cofounded the Oracle School of Colour in London, where she teaches and practices color therapy and reflexology and offers weekly yoga classes. Her books include The Reflexology Manual, Chakra Workbook, Color Healing Manual, and The Meditation Book of Light and Colour. She lives in London.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger