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Whether it’s Marco Polo, Humboldt or Goethe – the travelers of earlier centuries were environ- mentally friendly travellers. This is no surprise, since sustainable travel at that time was not really difficult. But what about today? These days mass tourism creates new problems for people, environment and climate.

What can we do? Giving up on travels can’t be a solution, because for many people a vacation is the long-awaited escape from the confines of everyday life. Is it really necessary to always fly someplace, though? In a world where all places can be reached within 24 hours, isn‘t it more exciting to travel slowly, to turn the journey into the destination?

Frank Herrmann’s manual is not just an appeal to change travel behavior. It is also a comprehensive source of information for those who want to learn about the impact of the tourism boom. In addition, the book contains addresses, tips and ideas for holidays that are as fair and sustainable as possible between the North Sea and the Alps, as well as between Paris and Rio, depending on budget and taste.

Frank Herrmann

FRANK HERRMANN lived in Latin America for many years, where he organized trips, guided development projects and advised organizations. The business economist is the author of the successful guide »Fair shopping – but how?« and the Stefan Loose Travel Guides for Peru/ Western Bolivia and Guatemala.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger