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Andrea Martens

Jo Kirchherr

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168 pages
186 colour photos

Relaxed Meal Prep Recipes for Every Day of the Week

• Meal Prep – the latest cooking craze for more time and better health
• Meal Prep is more than just »precooking«
• Prepare your own healthy food instead of snacks and fast food

Time is scarce, so the concept of meal prep offers a great solution. All it takes is some »convenience« in the fridge. But it must be homemade! Take a stroll on the Saturday market and buy healthy food, invest two hours on Sunday for the benefit of your well-being, do some cooking and preparing, and the next week is good to go! Be it a take away breakfast, a small lunch for the lunch break, or a delicious, relaxed dinner after a stressful work day: with the help of this book you’ll be ready for any of these. So no worries if your friends show up unexpected. You will certainly find some ready to use components that can be matched. Precooked food can be stored in jars, packed, pickled, dried, or frozen. The recipes are never complicated and the different components can be combined in various ways. Breezy photos of nordic inspiration, little stories, and useful tips accompany each recipe. Relaxed, homely, and entertaining.

Andrea Martens

Andrea Martens Graphic designer, food stylist, nutrition consultant, recipe developer, and passionate host. Lives in Bonn and has been working with Jo Kirchherr for more than 10 years.

Jo Kirchherr

Jo Kirchherr Since 1995 passionate and award-winning photographer in Cologne for food, people, and advertisement photography.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger