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Balvinder Sidhu

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160 pages
Softcover with gatefolds

Indian healing for each day of the week – 7-day plan including exercises, inspiration, daily goal – 10 minutes a day to relax, regenerate and recharge your batteries

Are you also one of those people whose everyday life is marked by stress? You would like to make time every day to do something for yourself, your health and your happiness but do not know what exactly and how?

Ayurveda is one of the oldest healing concepts in the world and has been constantly refined over the centuries, adapting it to the respective circumstances of life. The most important pillars of this holistic art of healing are nutrition and digestion, cleansing, massage, spirituality and yoga as well as the knowledge about the healing effects of herbs and plants.

Even small changes in your lifestyle will have a great effect on your health and well-being just a few minutes a day are enough to manage symptoms such as exhaustion, lack of strength or fatigue! Ayurveda expert Balvinder Sidhu takes you by the hand and guides you perfectly through your week with inspiring questions, mantras, meditations and tips.

Balvinder Sidhu

She was born in northern India and grew up with the Ayurvedic healing tradition in which her family has been rooted for generations. The Ayurveda therapist has lived in Germany since she was twelve years old and sees it as her vocation to combine the millennia-old, holistic knowledge of Hindu scholars with the needs of Western society. She has been running the Institute "Kaya Veda" in Augsburg for about 30 years and has already published several guidebooks (including "Das Ayurveda- Glücksbuch"); her paperback "Energiequelle Ayurveda" (boosting your energy through Ayurveda) (3rd edition 2019) has been pub- lished by Mankau Verlag.
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Agence Schweiger