Encyclopaedia of Psychoactive Plants Volume 2


Garden & Nature

Christian Rätsch

Markus Berger

AT Verlag

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Hardback with jacket
900 pages
19.5 cm x 26.5 cm
Colour photos, hardcover with jacket, ribbon

New plants, fungi, bacteria, Usage, Cultural history

• Volume 2 of the masterpiece by Christian Rätsch
• New plants, new research
• All you need to know about botany, cultivation, dosage, substance, usage, and effects

The world-class reference manual on psychotropic ethnobotany further expanded: volume 2 of the »Encyclopaedia of Psychoactive Plants« comprises more than 500 new plants, fungi, liehen, and bacteria in more than 140 monographs – from acacia to zornia, from agrocybe to xanthoparmelia – as weil as the latest research results on plants presented in volume 1. lt includes a listing of more than 350 additional psychoactive plants the potential of which still needs to be explored. In addition, the author explains the cultural history of psychoactive plants as weil as their influence on the visual arts, music, and literature. The masterpiece is rounded off with recently indexed plant and fungus products along with explanations about their most important secondary metabolites, plus a comprehensive bibliography. A must have for anyone interested in psychoactive agents.

Christian Rätsch

Dr. Christian Rätsch ancient American studies, ethno-pharmacologist and ethno-botanist. Worldwide field studies, especially in the rainforest and the Himalayan regions. Editor, speaker and author of various books, including the standard works »Enzyklopädie der psychoaktiven Pflanzen« (Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants) published by AT Verlag.

Markus Berger

Markus Berger Ethnobotanist, drug researcher, author, and lecturer. Writer of numerous books and professional publications on drug research and ethnobotany. Editor-in-chief of a magazine on psychoactive culture (»Lucy's Rausch«), associate of Nachtschatten Verlag publishing house, organizer of congresses and events on psychoactive culture.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger