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Susanne Fischer-Rizzi

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216 pages
200 colour photos

The Great Book on Cooking on the Open Fire

• The great book on cooking on the open fire
• 100 traditional and modern dishes, all tried and tested cooking methods at the fire
• The comprehensive book on cooking on the open fire, including numerous enchanting photos

Cooking by the fire outside at the heart of nature has its very own peculiar fascination and sensuality, it is connected with adventure and the experience of going back to the roots of things. The book draws from the rich repertoire of traditional cooking methods and recipes that have endured partly until this day. Noble spit cake on the log, a large loaf of bread baked above the blaze, salmon on a snow shoe grill, tender and juicy meat cooked in a burrow, dough pockets in wicker mesh. 100 recipes with numerous variations – ranging from classics to modern creations, from traditional tastes of Stone Age dishes to refined feasts for gourmets, all of them are simple and can be cooked without many tools on the open fire. The author has long years of experience with cooking by the open fire and her descriptions of the recipes are easy to understand and cook for both beginners and cooking fans. An inspiring book that renders its reader adventuresome. With exact instructions, all necessary information on making a fire, many wild plant suggestions and, as a round-off, camp fire stories to read or retell.

Susanne Fischer-Rizzi

Susanne Fischer-Rizzi degree in philosophy, trained alternative practitioner. Studied ayurvedic and Tibetan phytotherapy in India and was taught by Indian healers in America. Naturopathy practice in Germany. Teacher at her self-founded school for medical plants and aroma therapy. So far, Fischer-Rizzi has published ten books on naturopathy and aroma therapy, that have been translated into various languages.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger