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Peter Oppliger

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144 pages
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Custom – Pleasure – Health

• Types, healing powers, preparation and usage
• All there is to know on the magical plant green tea
• A book from the acknowledged expert on green tea

The tea plant is one of the most fascinating healing plants with regard to its history, related customs and healing power. Thanks to different modes of processing both green tea and black tea can be produced from it. The medicinal effects of green tea known for several thousand years have not only been confirmed but largely outdone by international scientific research. Green tea, both beverage and preventive cure, fosters the healing process with numerous lifestyle diseases, elevates concentration, enhances personal performance and well-being. A perfect guide and practical introduction to the secrets of tea, from tea plant to the numerous varieties of teas and their effects written by a renowned expert in naturopathy.

Peter Oppliger

Peter Oppliger born 1940, graduate chemist, education in naturopathy, homeopathy, phytotherapy and nutrition at East West Foundation, Boston. Conductor of seminars on autogenic training and yoga instructor. Peter Oppliger owns a pharmacy in Lucerne, Switzerland and runs an import business for green tea. Organises and guides educational trips for naturopathy, course instructor, several teaching assignments in the field of naturopathy.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger