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Sabine Simeoni

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Finding your own roots with the help of wild tools

• Tangible nature experience for everyday life
• Do-it-yourself toys, furniture, and cosmetics
• Useful, beautiful, and healing products made from natural materials

If we experience nature with an open mind using all our senses, we can connect with it and draw from its abundant treasures. Materials offered to us by nature can be transformed into beautiful and useful objects, with only little preparation, low costs, and hardly any complicated technologies. The author presents materials such as various types of wood, wild plants, clay and stone, bone, horn, and feathers. Using ancient and modern techniques of craftsmanship, we can create simple furniture items, toys, musical instruments, tools, medicine, and cosmetics. Exercises enabling conscious nature perception allow us to connect with nature and closely experience its elementary effects. The profound understanding of nature expressed through handcraft activities in the projects presented enables us to create items which transpose nature into our everyday lives and are beneficial for our soul, spirit, and body.

Sabine Simeoni

Sabine Simeoni is a forest and wilderness educator, yoga instructor, and author, and is trained in traditional phytotherapy. Her vision is to strengthen people's individual abilities by emphatic guidance and deepen their relationship with nature in a sustainable way.
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