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A Culinary Manifesto

David Hoener, a chef at many stoves around the world, host at locations in Zurich, Nairobi and Quito, agonizes over the fruits of globalization, which nobody can enjoy. Whether it is streamlined restaurant franchises that disrespect quality of life and health, the severe decline of quality-training for professional chefs, or the general disregard for eating culture – for David Hoener it is time to set an example. Together with prominent chefs, wine connoisseurs and gastrosophists like Maria Gross, Franz Keller, Robert Mangold, Eckart Witzigmann, Sandra Knecht and Romana Echensperger, he points out elementary sins of our time: We must start now to care about food preparation in order to secure our cultural survival and discover true happiness.

David Hoener

David Hoener is a Swiss-born cook and caterer, and he has been a journalist for radio, print, and TV productions since the early 1990s. From 1994 on, Hoener has become active in Quito, Ecuador, where he worked in cultural and developmental projects, as well as the food service industry. In 2005, he founded the organization „Cuisine sans Frontières“ (CsF). Today, he predominantly lives in Ecuador, close to Quito.
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