Arthrosis. A Pocket Guide



Eberhard J. Wormer

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127 pages
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Prevention and self-help for joint pain

• Very experienced and successful healthcare writer

• Practical self-help guide in a handy format

Arthrosis the “wear” of articular cartilage is the most common of all joint diseases. Although its causes remain unclear, doctors often rely on the implantation of artificial joints: Hip and knee prostheses are the favourites in this country. However, what is often suppressed about such “quick solutions” are the associated surgical risks that are not insignificant, and the limited durability of these spare parts.

This compact guide presents the current state of research on arthrosis and effective treatment options for painful joint problems. The focus here is on holistic, multimodal, activating and regenerative treatments. But above all, it is also about concrete possibilities for prevention and self-help. After all, healthy nutrition and targeted movement training are the key to the successful treatment of arthrosis.

•what is arthrosis? medical definitions, causes, symptoms •how do you treat arthrosis? conservative, multimode and regenerative therapy concepts
• living without pain? holistic and targeted cartilage build-up/protection

Eberhard J. Wormer

He studied German, history, social sciences and medicine. After his licensure and doctorate he worked as a doctor and in medical publishing houses. Dr. Wormer lives in Munich and today works as a journalist, author and editor. His preferred fields of work are guide-books and manuals, encyclopedias and specialized publications on the topics of medicine, health, natural sciences, history of medicine and biographies. He has already published numerous health guides for an audience of millions, focusing on topics such as cardiovascular, psychological, nutrition, naturopathy, healthy exercise and pain.
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