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New Age / Esoterics


Sabine Groth

Neue Erde

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240 pages
146 x 208 mm

How women can derive wisdom, healing and power from all phases of life

➤ Especially for women over 40; but even younger women will benefit from reading this
➤Turning away from false ideals, turning towards the true path of a woman’s development
➤ Every woman, at any stage of life, and at any time, can call on a living archetype

No matter what age, any woman can develop the qualities from all the different phases of her life at any time – whether it be the curiosity of the little girl, the enthusiasm of the young woman, the loving care of the mother, the passionate creative energy of the mature woman, or the wisdom of the old woman. Sabine Groth knows how to familiarize us, in a deeply sensitive way, with the characteristics of those archetypes living within us. Effective exercises will deepen this path of increasing self-awareness, leading to the full power of being a woman. Together we begin a journey through the life phases of a woman. This means that all the qualities, abilities and maturation processes can be accessed at all times, not just at each age-related point. At any time of our lives, we have the possibility for developing those female personality aspects, which include great understanding, compassion and foresight, depth of soul, receptiveness and lived sensuousness, along with consciousness awareness, love, empathy and knowledge about the soul. The volume is divided up into five chapters, each one describing a certain phase of life. The first chapter takes a journey to that little girl within us, to her strengths and joys, as well as to her pain and injuries, so that these may finally be healed. In the second chapter, we turn to the young woman within and allow ourselves to be inspired by her power and openness. Even if a woman has already reached the stage of later life, she is able to retain her youthful charm, her adventurous spirit, and her ability for enthusiasm and unfold her youthful-mature beauty. The third chapter describes the ups and downs, the strengths and snares of being a mother. You do not even need to be a mother of physical children. It is all about being a great Mother – for our children, for our projects and for ourselves. In the fourth chapter, we discover how we may employ that fire of the menopause years for our maturing process and how the phenomena of the menopause can become valuable signposts on a path to a healthy, selfdetermined life. In the fifth chapter, finally, we encounter the wise old one. We find out, how we can, even then, make contact with our older, wiser ‘I’ and contact that ancient knowledge of the world, in order to cope with life’s challenges. Experiments and exercises invite us to deepen what we have read, to delve further into the subject matter, and to deal in more depth with one of the aspects. Power statements at the end of each chapter provide affirmations, which can support and strengthen us along our journey. The book initiates us into the secrets of agelessness. The consequences will be apparent. After reading this, things will look a lot different – much will look more mature, but at the same time, even more youthful.

Sabine Groth

Sabine Groth studied theory and methodology of education, English language and literature, and religious studies. She spent several years living in South-East Asia, Israel and Northern Ireland, where she also studied psychology and creative writing. She then embarked on extensive studies in humanist psychotherapy and therapy for couples. She now works as a teacher, psychotherapist and conducts therapy for couples. As a leader of women’s groups and seminars she supports women on their paths to self-aware femininity. Sabine Groth lives in Berlin with her family.
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Agence Schweiger