Your feelings weigh more than you think. Free yourself from emotional eating and live with ease.




Julia Sahm


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Lose weight sustainably through self-coaching with LIFESTYLE SCHLANK founder Julia Sahm.

You are more important than the number on the scale! Why do 95% of all diets fail? Because they only eliminate the symptom “overweight”, but not the cause of it! As long as the weight loss program is only an instruction, to which one stubbornly adheres, we do not penetrate to the core of the weight problems. Because in this way we never change the emotional links and our attitude towards food. That’s why successful author and host of the podcast LIFESTYLE SCHLANK Julia Sahm has developed a coaching concept that helps you find a more loving and relaxed relationship with your body, your eating behavior and, above all, with yourself. With this you can create the right mindset for you to lose weight sustainably – without the yoyo effect!

Nutrition and psyche: Understand which psychological processes have led to the plus on the scale and how to change your habitual ego.
Stop emotional eating: See through and change eating habits
“Mental gym”: practical exercises to reach and maintain your desired weight
Towards healthy eating behaviors by understanding how thoughts and feelings affect actions – without the need for diet guides

No more yo-yo effect: LIFESTYLE SLIM coaching Losing weight should not be a fight against oneself, but a positive experience with a lasting effect. Counting calories or carbohydrates is not the key to success. That’s why pure nutrition guides so rarely lead to success. It is much more important to understand and change your own behavior patterns! That’s why “Your Feelings Weigh More Than You Think” offers a proven concept for everyone who has been struggling with excess weight for a long time, who wants to lose weight in a relaxed way, develop a normal relationship with food and, above all, keep the new weight permanently.

Julia Sahm

Julia Sahm is a graduate in business administration, life coach and successful wakeboarder (German runner-up 2017). As a coach she has specialised in the topic of overweight. She shows how you can shape your life with ease by maintaining a certain balance. Julia works as a life coach with a focus on nutrition in Constance on Lake Constance. You can learn more about the author on her website or on Instagram (@juliasahm and @julia_shinecoaching).
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger