Your Fantastic Balcony Garden


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Approx. 160 pages

Swinging on a hammock, sipping on a cocktail, nibbling juicy physalis… Sounds like a faraway holiday paradise, doesn’t it? Well it isn’t! Introducing the fantastic balcony garden. A true multi-tasker, your balcony garden conjures up fresh vegetables for your plate and provides shade in the height of summer, sheltering you from the rest of the world. And it looks so beautiful that you’ll never tire of looking at it. The climate, bees and other creatures will also thank you for their new home! Not to mention your mood and zest for life – well, if your favourite place is on your balcony, you really don’t need much else to be happy, do you?

Find out everything you’ll need for your DIY balcony project, including how to grow seedlings and the right way to water field vegetables. Then there is the agonizing decision of which theme to choose for your balcony: do you want to grow your own cocktail herb garden, create a paradise for beneficial organisms, or have fun growing your own winter vegetables?

Löwenzahn team

The Löwenzahn team want to share their knowledge with you! This collaborative project is the work of the team at Löwenzahn publishing, along with friends, acquaintances and everyone who has allowed us to be a part of their balcony project. We have taken the time to research, plant seeds, nibble on home-grown veg and care for our plants – everything you can do on your own balcony at home. Then we wrote about it here in this book.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger