Yoga against Burnout




Tanja Seehofer

Windpferd Verlag

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160 pages
Exercise CD: 42 minutes
16 x 16 cm

Based on the latest findings of burnout research, neuro- science and the knowledge of yoga, Munich yoga teacher Tanja Seehofer presents five simple exercise units, developed for physical health and inner satisfaction.

The so far assumed reason for Burnout, the vocational overloading, is in truth only the symptom! Only those who have a healthy relationship with themselves, their fellow human beings, their environment and their work will remain healthy and content.

The exercises are specially selected for the central ar- eas of life that have been proven to nourish everyone and make them happy: Love – Health – Career – Finances – Self-knowledge. Only those who live out these areas
in a healthy balance will not burn out. Exercises on CD support the connection between the heart and mind, to dissolve inner pressure and to show personal strengths.

Tanja Seehofer

Tanja Seehofer completed a yoga training at AIRYOGA in Munich. She has now been teaching success- fully in Germany and abroad for several years, supplement- ing her classes with aspects from mental training
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger