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Jennifer Frank-Schagerl


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Tasty Natural Cooking for Fans of the Outdoors Being out and about outside and feeding yourself outside as well? With ingredients from nature, best collected by yourself, prepared over a campfire or on a camping stove? Not a problem with this book. A person who is even a little bit familiar with wild herbs can enormously enrich their outdoor dining experience and add delicious taste experiences to it. You can create delicious dishes with 10 of the most important wild herbs for outdoor cooking, which are readily available almost all year round. You will find 30 wild herb outdoor recipes that are fast, satisfying, delicious and rich in vitamins and nutritious thanks to the fresh wild herbs.

Jennifer Frank-Schagerl

Jennifer Frank-Schagerl is a passionate nature mediator in addition to her work as a presenter at Radio Niederösterreich: whether as a herbal educator, adventure educator or outdoor trainer. In her training institute "NEVEREST Lifelong Learning" in Krems on the Danube in Lower Austria, she inspires her participants for nature in the most diverse ways.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger