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Sabine Bromkamp


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160 pages
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Being totally ourselves without pretending this takes the courage to stick to our own values and needs. Nobody wants to be regarded as selfish, though, and all too often we allow to be affected by the assumed opinions and expectations of other people. This book invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Many questions for self-exploration and numerous exercises make us aware of what we really desire, help us strengthen our self-confidence and live our lives ever more true to our soul’s essence. In this way we can make our dreams come true and create a fulfilled life for ourselves while at the same time being of use for other people. After all, those who do their best serve the world with their gifts and talents, which is pure love.

  • ›  featuring many exercises for strengthening the self
  • ›  when living our essence we can lead the lives of our dreams
  • ›  for all those who want to liberate themselves from other people’s expectations

Sabine Bromkamp

Sabine Bromkamp is an alternative practitioner (psychotherapy), psychological consultant and happiness-coach for positive approaches to life. In addition, she writes for the German lifestyle magazines “Auszeit” (Time-out) and “Zeit zu leben” (Time for Living). Writing is her passion, along with spirituality and energetic healing. Her main concern is to guide people back into their own power showing them that they are the creators of their own lives.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger