We Have a Bone to Pick




Thomas Pfeifer


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How to stay agile and fit with healthy joints

The ability to move freely and safe from pain, is usually taken for granted until losing it to arthrosis, arthritis or rheumatism. But where do these vexing problems with our joints originate? Dr. Thomas Pfeifer gives an illustrative, vivid, and fascinating introduction to our bone system with all its little gouts and aches, ranging from diagnosis over therapy to prevention.

Thomas Pfeifer

Thomas Pfeifer studied medicine in Padua, Aachen, Muenster and Munich. He was a guest physician at the Massachusetts General Hospital at the Harvard Medical School in Boston. Since 1992 he runs his own doctors office together with his brother Johannes and is regarded to be one of the most renouned doctors in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
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Agence Schweiger