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280 pages

35 Wellness Walks to Expand Awareness, Increase Vitality, and Reduce Stress

Discover the joys of mindful walking to find balance, build awareness, and engage body and mind.

In 35 guided mindfulness walks, Glenn Berkenkamp invites us to discover how we sense, move, think, and feel in our bodies–and engage a greater sense of presence and being in our lives.

Like any contemplative practice, through walking we can quiet our minds and come to know ourselves better, both within our bodies and the greater world outside ourselves. But with limitless competing demands on our time and energy, and hours spent in cars, walking has fallen by the wayside…and we miss many profound opportunities for increased awareness and vitality.

By reframing the joys and opportunities presented to us by the act of walking, Glenn shows us how to become reflective and inwardly directed, even as we take in the world around us. Tuning into our muscles, movement patterns, and the way we hold our bodies and even our thoughts, we’ll learn to develop greater bodily awareness for our walks and our walk through life, cultivating key mindfulness meditation skills. With the help of a Which Walks to Do When user guide that features walks for every occasion and emotion, Berkenkamp guides us on walks for expressing gratitude and affirmation; listening, grounding, and grieving walks; mindful dog walks; and more. He includes walks for any fitness level and walking ability, including children and those who need assistance walking. With practical check-ins, guidance on which walks to do when, pre-walk checklists, and invitations to reflect and respond, walking becomes an approachable and fun activity for all. As we walk with Glenn, we walk to settle, clarify, and balance our bodies, minds, and spirits–and become more receptive and open to new perspectives and possibilities we didn’t know were there.

A TIMELY MINDFUL SALVE: At a time when electronic devices dominate our attention, Glenn’s 35 mindful walking practices provide an invitation to slow down and re-attune to walking as an opportunity for reflection, contemplation, and healing–rather than just a way to get from point A to point B.

RETURN TO NATURE: Topics like grounding, forest bathing, and even walking are becoming increasingly resonant with consumers looking for ways to cope with the stressors of modern-day living and escape into a more natural, balanced way of being–even just for an hour a day. The health benefits of getting outside and getting moving, combined with the fact that walking is a relatively low-impact exercise activity, make this book an appealing, unintimidating option for those looking to boost or reclaim their health.

APPEALING, APPROACHABLE VOICE: Readers will feel like they’re walking with a friend–the Mr. Rogers of walking–with Glenn’s warm, approachable, and inviting tone.

Preface xi
Introduction 1
1 Why Should We Walk? 3
2 How Do You Walk? 7
3 The Evolution of My Walk 15
4 Some of My Favorite Walks 31
5 Before You Walk 39
6 The Walks 49
WALK 1 Heel to Toe and Toe to Heel Balance Walks 53
WALK 2 Turning and Tilting Your Head Balance Walk 61
WALK 3 Walking Awake through Your Living Space 65
WALK 4 Barefoot Grounding Walk 70
WALK 5 Rain Walk 74
WALK 6 Water Walk 78
WALK 7 Inner Smile Walk 82
WALK 8 Outer Smile Walk 85
WALK 9 Listening Walk 89
WALK 10 Making the World (or at Least Your
Neighborhood) a Cleaner Place Walk 95
WALK 11 Walking Meditation (There and Back Style) 99
WALK 12 Walking Meditation (Circle Style) 104
WALK 13 Walking Meditation (Walking the Labyrinth) 108
WALK 14 Destination-Manifestation
Walk 112
WALK 15 Earth Below, Heavens Above Walk 116
WALK 16 Full Moon Walk 120
WALK 17 Mindfully Walking Your Dog Walk 124
WALK 18 Forgiving Others Walk 129
WALK 19 Forgiving Yourself Walk 133
WALK 20 Dedication Walk 137
WALK 21 Prayer Walk 140
WALK 22 Affirmation Walk 145
WALK 23 Gratitude Walk 151
WALK 24 Seeing Walk 158
WALK 25 Centering Walk
(a.k.a. Walking from Your Center) 165
WALK 26 Crowd Walking 172
WALK 27 Slow-Fast
Walk 178
WALK 28 Slow Motion Walk 186
WALK 29 Soft Gaze Walk 191
WALK 30 Backward Walk 195
WALK 31 Grieving Walk 200
WALK 32 Working and Walking Things Out Walk 205
WALK 33 Head, Heart, Hara Walk 211
WALK 34 Seeing from Different Parts of Your Body Walk 217
WALK 35 Childlike Wonder Walk 224
Conclusion 229
“Which Walks to Do When” Guide 231
Affirmations and Intentions for Walking 241
Acknowledgments 247
About the Author 249

Glenn Berkenkamp

GLENN BERKENKAMP has explored and shared wellness and inspired living through the mind-body-spirit connection for a quarter-century. His talks, workshops, and writings elevate our daily experience, unite us in something greater, and bring us to a larger awareness of who we are. A former bodybuilder and fitness expert, Berkenkamp is a storyteller, screenwriter, transformational speaker, walk leader, and creator of the Writing Into The Now workshop. He is the author of Mastery: Living The Highest You and Would My Heart Think This Thought? As a screenwriter, he has collaborated with Academy Award-winning producers. He resides in Northern California.
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