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A Forgotten Craft

Waiting is not cool. Pitied are those who have to wait, privileged are those important enough to be preferred. We envy those who immediately get what they want, be it materialistically, or simply be it care, love, and affection. Everything is always readily available in our digitalized world, but at what cost? Those who cannot wait have no patience and will never know the thrill of anticipation. For Timo Reuter, waiting is like a pebble in the cog in the efficiency. It gives us new space, space we can give political meaning to. One thing is certain, waiting is empowering.

Timo Reuter

Timo Reuter, born in 1984, studied philosophy, math, and pedago- gy in Marburg and in Frankfurt am Main. After several jobs at radio and television stations, he started commenting on the daily politi- cal and social proceedings for newspapers in 2011. In 2016, Reu- ter published a book on basic income. He resides in Frankfurt am Main.
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Agence Schweiger