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Andreas von Westphalen


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Egoism, Greed, and Competition Do not Correspond to Our Nature

Humans are lazy egoists, and they perform best under fierce competition. Be it among philosophers, managers, politicians, or pub regulars, everyone will agree that we simply are this way. It is set to be our nature ever since Darwin’s “Survival of the fittest” was misinterpreted. Under these circumstances, capitalism seems to just suit our ways. Westphalen refutes the thesis of the egoistic utility maximizer and proves with many exciting examples that we tick quite differently.

Andreas von Westphalen

Andreas von Westphalen, born in 1972, is a free- lance journalist, and a theatre and radio play director. He studied comparative literature and philosophy in Bonn, Oxford, and Fribourg. He has produced several TV features, and he writes for the German magazine Hintergund.
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