DIY Feedyards from Willow


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Jonathan Ridgeon

Ökobuch Verlag

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93 pages
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Step by step weaving from willow –

Why not also once beautiful feeding places for birds?

The author describes in words and pictures how willow rods can be woven into natural feeding places for birds using the classic techniques of basket weaving. No previous experience in basket weaving is necessary. All projects are arranged in the book with increasing degree of difficulty. The very detailed step-by-step instructions leave no question open.

With a few willow rods and a few, very simple tools, it is possible to weave birdfeeders in a short time, which fit wonderfully into any garden. As special garden ornaments they are often visited by birds and their different shapes and sizes make the feeding places visually very interesting.

Nature lovers will have a lot of joy when they can observe how much the small, self-woven works of art in the garden are in demand …

Jonathan Ridgeon

Jonathan Ridgeon grew up in rural England and practiced survival skills there early on. In 2015 he emigrated to his dream country Norway to live a freer life with maximum self-sufficiency between forests and mountains. The range of his craftsmanship is impressive, from carved tools, containers and spoons, to woven baskets of all kinds, to building canoes for fishing or making skis and snowshoes - all made of wood and made only with hand tools. He is also the author of several books on the subjects mentioned above.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger