Viktor Frankl : Mountain and Meaning




Klaus Haselböck


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Italy (Corbaccio)

Throughclimbing, Viktor Frankl reinforced his inner strength, which he called »defiance of the mind«. According to Frankl, this helped him to overcome his own fear of heights and more importantly to survive four concentration camps.

In the mountains, the world-famous psychiatrist was »just Viktor« as his wife Elly put it. Not an exceptional alpinist, but a true friend of the mountains, with heart and soul.

Climbing as a parable for life: We are confronted with our fears, overcome external and internal obstacles, train our body and our will and learn to trust absolutely – our own abilities, but also our rope partner.

Elisabeth Lukas, psychotherapist and one of the best-known students of Viktor Frankl, adds con- text and well-founded logotherapeutic principles to accompany these climbing tours.

An hommage to an exceptional alpinist who provided us with a way to talk about the meaning of climbing.

Klaus Haselböck

Klaus Haselböck is editor-in-chief of the magazine Bergwelten. In his leisure time, the native of Lower Austria also enjoys climbing, hiking, or ski touring.
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Agence Schweiger