Vibration – Resonance – Life


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Alexander Lauterwasser

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192 pages
300 colour photos

Water-Sound Images and the Forms of Living Things

• The latest research by the water-sound artist
• With many new water-sound images

Following the great success of his first book, Alexander Lauterwasser draws a great bow from mythological motifs on the creation of the world by sound vibrations all the way to modern quantum physics. Can the world really be understood as a big quest for one last, isolated »particle« or does this quest require the relationship-building dimension of resonance? Can the phenomenon of life in the end only be interpreted as a collective vibration induced by such resonance processes? Evolution interpreted as the continuous effort to differentiate and increase relationship-building resonance capabilities. As water proves to be the substance with the most universal readiness for resonance, the observations are illustrated with new water-sound images that visualise the response of water to various sound vibrations in a fascinating way.

Alexander Lauterwasser

Alexander Lauterwasser studied philosophy and psychology. Since 1984 his research focuses on questions of morphogenesis, continuing the work of E. F. Chladni and Hans Jenny (cymatics). Independent research and conduction of experiments. Book publications, film lectures, seminars, live concerts, exhibitions.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger