Tuning Fork Therapy



Patricia Nischwitz

Thomas Künne

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214 pages

Healing knowledge and practical applications

• Increasing popularity of phonophoresis

• Self-treatments easy to implement

Our health and personal well-being have a lot to do with how well we resonate with the flow of life. If an instrument is out of tune, it produces inharmonious discordant notes. Consider the human body as big orchestra, so we call these things being out of tune blocks or diseases. But as there are vibrations that make us sick, there are those as well that can activate our “inner healer”, our self-healing powers and bring us into tune again.

The tuning fork therapy is a gentle as well as effective form of therapy that can achieve a harmonization of the physical or mental imbalance with little effort. The practice book of phonophoresis includes the essence of the previously published works of both authors and provides a valuable introduction to the fascinating world of healing tunes.

These assist in typical everyday discomforts and diseases and help you to lead a self-confident and active life in harmony, happiness, and well-being.
• guide to the practical application of the tuning fork therapy
• usage concerning the main blocks and complaints
• proven balancing for health prevention and maintenance

The coherent tune takes you back to your own centre: at home, at work, or on a journey.


Patricia Nischwitz

She works as a specialist in general medicine in a multidisciplinary joint practice in the Rhine-Main area. Since the late 1980s, she has devoted her- self besides conventional medicine to alternative medicine and now works mainly with acupuncture, homeopathy, kinesiology, and other natural therapies.

Thomas Künne

He is a consultant of psychosomatic medicine, astrologer, astrosoph and member and instructor of the Federation of Spiritual Healing (Dachverband Geistiges Heilen e. V., DGH). After training by Ruediger Dahlke and the study of astrology and astrosophy, the author has published books and essays about processes of the internal and external world.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger