Training Dogs through Body Language



Ramona Teschner


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28 pages
105 colour photographs
Paperback with flaps

The Body Talk Communication System. Achieving the optimal balance between trust and respect.

• With the Body Talk Communication System (B.T.C.S.) © as developed by animal psychologist Ramona Teschner, body language forms the basis for clear communication bet- ween owners and their dogs

• The aim is to develop an unshakeable relationship between owners and their dogs, and to consolidate this further with trust and respect

• The illustrated exercises in the book show step by step and in practical terms which body language signals can be used to reinforce positive behaviour, while reducing undesirable behaviour as well

Ramona Teschner

Ramona Teschner runs the dog school BodyTalk and has been a certified animal psychologist since 2005. She trains dogs and their owners according to the Body Talk Communication System (B.T.C.S.) © training method she developed, which is based on communication via body language, and is booked for lectures on this topic throughout Germany.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger