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Jeffrey Davis

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Hardcover with dust jacket
288 Pages


The Surprising Path to Purpose, Connection, and Fulfillment

Do you yearn for more meaning, connection, and the ability to respond to life’s curveballs more creatively than reactively? If so, you’ve likely found that hard work, material success, and even years of expertise often aren’t enough. What stands in the gap between your busyness and a life filled with cherished moments?

For years, Jeffrey Davis has researched, interviewed, and worked with luminaries across cultures and professions to answer that question. What he’s identified is a single universal experience that opens us to creative awakening across all walks of life: wonder.

Here, this acclaimed teacher, consultant, and speaker invites us to discover how wonder dissolves our rigid ways of seeing and thinking, allowing us to glimpse anew what is true, beautiful, and possible—and how to then bring our insights to fruition. Rich with wisdom, real-life stories, and practical guidance, Tracking Wonder shows you how to

• Bring forward your childlike wonder
• Disrupt default mental habits to stay open to possibility
• Fertilize confusion into curiosity
• Navigate uncertainty and crises with creative resilience
• “Unbox” other people to deepen your connections, and gift them with wonder

• Fine-tune your daily process and flow, and much more


Jeffrey Davis

Jeffrey Davis works with innovators, professionals, writers, scientists, and social psychologists, offering him leading insights into the creative process. He is a sought-after speaker who presents at conferences, universities, and centers nationwide. Founder of Tracking Wonder Consultancy, he works with organizations and individuals to advance their best ideas and best lives with integrity and wonder. He lives with his family in the Hudson Valley of New York. Learn more at
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