Tomtit Treats from your Garden


Garden & Nature

Elke Schwarzer


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128 pages
110 colour photographs
Paperback with flaps
Spiegel Bestseller

Use the right plants to create habitats for insects, birds and more

Did you know that tomtits like lemon balm, because they can then drive parasites from their nest? Or that the mint beetle eats so much mint that it actually smells of mint itself? Elke Schwarzer takes you on a veritable voyage of discovery through your garden and shows you what plants you can use to attract your favourite animals. Transform your garden into a place to experience nature, and at the same contribute to maintaining native diversity. Your new companions will thank you!

Elke Schwarzer

Elke Schwarzer has a long-standing passion for plants and insects and has a degree in biology. Since 2010, she has been running a blog on gardening which she feeds with photos and stories about her little garden.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger